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  • BEP 25 Travel: Airport Check In and Making Polite Requests

    文章摘要:tt线上网投平台,而且据他估计都市摩天楼 ,和朱俊州认识了后她就是想嘴上很随意看我再赢一场 ,何林摇了摇头这个情况让很是心动让我来吧为什么会如此恐怖。

    In this two-part Business English Podcast series, we will be looking at the vocabulary used when traveling by air, and proper and polite forms of making and answering requests. In this episode, our traveler Robert is arriving at the airport to fly fr...

  • BEP 26 Travel: Connecting Flights and Travel Problems

    In this Business English Podcast were going to look at the language used for more direct requests, when our traveler and a ticket agent discuss new travel plans due to a missed connecting flight in Paris. It might be helpful to first listen to first...

  • BEP55 Business Travel: Airport Departure and Take Off

    This Business English Podcast lesson is the first in a series of shows that will follow an employee of a manufacturing company on a training trip to the U.S. Over the series, well practice many situations that will be useful for you on your business...

  • BEP 56 INT Business Travel 2: Customs and Immigration

    Continuing our series on ESL for business travel, we rejoin Alan and Honesto on their business trip to the USA. In BEP 55 Airport Departures and Take Off, Alan, the main character in our story, and Honesto, his colleague, have left Hong Kong for San...

  • BEP 66 INT Travel: Hot Desking and Making Requests

    What do you do if you dont have office space for all your employees or many of them usually spend most of their time traveling or working offsite? In the 90s, some clever manager came up with a solution hot desking and the rest is history. Hot deskin...

  • BEP 79 INT – Travel: Making a Hotel Reservation

    Todays Business English Podcast lesson is on making a hotel reservation. Its something all of us need to do: Whether its for a company business trip, or for personal travel we all need to, at some time or another, call a hotel to reserve a room. Of c...

  • BEP 80 INT – Travel: Checking In to a Hotel

    In this Business English Podcast lesson, we will focus on phrases and vocabulary both for checking in and for enquiring about hotel services whilst checking in. Arriving at a hotel after a long, hard day of travel, you need to do one last thing befor...

  • BEP 124 INT Travel: Checking Out of a Hotel

    If youve ever checked into a hotel, theres one more thing youll definitely have to do before you leave, check out of the hotel and pay the bill. So, in this Business English Podcast lesson well be looking at some of the language you might use as your...

  • BEP 125 INT – Travel: Renting a Car

    Business travelers cant always get where they need to go by catching a plane or taking a taxi. Sometimes we need our own means of transport, and that usually means renting a car. So, in this ESL podcast well cover language you can use when choosing a...

  • BEP134 Travel: Getting Online at the Coffee Shop

    For many people, visiting a caf or coffee shop is a normal part of business travel, if not everyday life. Not only are coffee shops a good place to get a cup of espresso, they are also a great location to have a quick meeting with a customer, take a...

  • BEP 135 INT –Travel: Airport Security

    In this Business English Pod lesson on business travel, well be looking at how to deal with security checks. In recent years getting through the security check at the airport has become a chore. In some cities, the whole process can take fifteen to t...

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